Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi openly declares his admiration for JuD chief Saeed

hamza ali abbasi in support of hafiz saeed

By Iram Salim

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has declared that he is a great admirer of Hafiz Saeed, chief of banned Jammatud Dawa.

This will upset sum ppl but i must say wht i see as truth! I have know this man for yrs, i am quite familiar with their literature & the mindset of his followers…. HAFIZ SAEED IS NOT A TERRORIST! His only fault? He speaks for & rallies the youth for Kashmir! #IsupportHafizSaeed

After this confession Abbasi may be banned from visiting India.
Abbasi at least showed courage to declare his feeling for Saeed.
In return what Saeed says will have to see. Pak Destiny


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