After getting drubbing from PPP in Senate, PMLN takes anti-PPP trend on Twitter — what a shame for Maryam

maryam nawaz pmln take anti ppp trend on twitter

By Irum Saleem

After getting drubbing in the Senate election opposition leader election from PPP, Maryam-led PMLN has been crying and on Saturday took out a social media trend “PPP ko dafa karo’ — get rid of PPP.

This was the top trend on Twitter through out the day. On the other hand Maryam goes ecentric rather crazy over PPP’s betrayal. She literally remained short of calling Zardari and Bilawal — you too Brutus.

She tried to make an impression that Nawaz Sharif was all ready to give th slot of the opposition leader in Senate to PPP but that was not true. Nawaz was so desperate to have that slot with his ‘chamcha’ candidate that despite Zardari’s request he refused to budge from his stance.

Maryam should show some courage and openly remove PPP from PDM instead of giving “tanaay” like laraka women. PAK DESTINY


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