After Shahzad’s departure, Imran Khan looking a ‘perfect man’ to send main opposition leaders behind bars on corruption

After Shahzad's departure, Imran Khan looking a 'perfect man' to  send main opposition leaders behind bars on corruption

By Irum Saleem

After departure of Shahzad Akbar, Prime Minister Imran Khan is searching for a man who could fix Shahbaz Sharif and ensure that he is jailed like his elder brother Nawaz.

    “For that purpose Khan is holding interviews of a number of aspirants and in a few days announce the new hunter going after the opposition,” a senior official of the government told PAK DESTINY.

    He said this time Imran tells around that he doesn’t want a poor stuff like Shahzad who miserably failed to keep opposition leaders behind bars.

    The new accountability czar should have a kind of magic wand disappearing those appear threatening to Khan should not be seen.

    On the other hand Shahzad said: “I have tendered my resignation today to PM as Advisor. I sincerely hope the process of accountability continues under leadership of PM IK as per PTI’s manifesto. I will remain associated with party n keep contributing as member of legal fraternity.”

   Masood Sharif said on Twitter “You had a job to do which you turned into witch hunting. You enjoyed power and perks but the State or the job never benefited. You and whatever people u had with u have made a royal mess of accountability. Your only success has been that you managed to destroy the NAB etc totally.”

  Zafar said “It is sign of wisdom to see coming events cast their shadows before & slink earlier than the fools remain to wait. more better to announce ETD to another country.”

    Ayub said “Mirza sahib.

You are a wise person, a cool operator. Be wiser and quit before you are caught and get into deep trouble.

Join your family and take rest while and the look for honourable job. If you still need to earn livelihood after this lucrative assignment.”

    Salam said “As per media reports, u were asked to leave due to contradictions in briefings and actual proceedings. The process wasn’t delivering though court’s sluggish progress can’t be placed on u but in three yrs, nothing happened even in cases with solid evidences.” PAK DESTINY

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