Pak Rupee is dead under Imran Khan regime — what a pity

dollar crushed pak rupee under imran khan government and he is clueless

By Irum Saleem

In the Imran Khan regime Pak Rupee is dead.
The US dollar touched on Thursday Rs169 in interbank. In open market it crossed Rs170 mark. The death of rupee is witnessed in the tenure of Imran Khan and there rumours that a dollar will touch Rs200.

Will someone wake him up and tell to switch on TV and see US dollar is rising against rupee. Poor rupee is buried because of bad governance or Khan.

Not a single statement has come from PM Imran Khan who never tired of chiding his predecessors whenever dollar price increased in the past.

What a shame for Khan that he fails to arrest the rise in dollar which broken the backbone of Pakistan economy.
What excuse he has now…let’s see. PAK DESTINY

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