Why Ahmad Noorani was attacked?

Why Ahmad Noorani was attacked

By Iram Salim

    (Pak Destiny)  Why The News, Ahmad Noorani, was attacked by unidentified attackers… Mir Shakilur Rehman can better tell him and us.

Poor Noorani’s car was stopped by three men travelling on a motorcycle near Zero Point Interchange while he was on his way home in Islamabad from Rawalpindi. They beat up Noorani and his driver with rods and fled away. Noorani was rushed to the Polyclinic Hospital by a passerby where his condition is stable.

Why this attack happened…. many in the Jang/Geo media group know and this poor Noorani who in order to please his master (MSR) and his master’s master (Nawaz Sharif) has put his life at stake. It is not that he will be sacked by MSR for not running targeted stories in fact he blindly followed his order to proof that he is more loyal than a king. He wanted to get closer to Sharif by serving his mater’s interest so blindly. Sharif could only order inquiry into this case… and what else he could do for him as he is a mere reporter.

Noorani was rushed to the Polyclinic Hospital by a passerby where his condition is stable.

Noorani’s family is upset asking him what he possibly got for blindly doing a journalism of his master’s kind. “You should now better do some respectable job than serving other people’s interest. This is not your fight… you are just a pawn and do not forget about this basic fact,” his uncle advised him.

     My sympathies are with Noorani as such journalists are often used badly by their organisation to achieve vested interests. I wish him fast recovery. He must remember those used him must be figuring out how to cash in the attack on him. Noorani must learn. – Pak Destiny


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