Amer Mahmood and Mohsin Naqvi have ditched Zardari and PPP

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, April 28 ( President Asif Ali Zardari’s two ‘media friends’ – Mian Amer Mahmood of Dunya TV and Mohsin Naqvi of C42 – have failed to prove their loyalty with him at the time of elections when Zardari needs their services direly.
Both gentlemen had taken countless benefits from Zardari and the PPP both in kind and cash during the last five years of the PPP rule. But they changed their loyalties with the changing times.
Amer not only has shaken his hands with the Imran Khan’s PTI but is also giving good coverage to the PML-N election campaign. He has also sent his 67-member team of former nazims to the PTI.
On the other hand, Mohsin Naqvi is on board with the PML-N, not only his channel is giving vast coverage to the PML-N activities in the city but also taking direction from the PMLN how to play up content against its opponents – PTI and PPP.
Even in the last meeting of PPP leaders and ticket-holders in Lahore, they had voiced against Amer and Mohsin for taking sides with the PPP opponents despite the fact that they had taken enormous benefits from PPP government.
‘Media kisi ka dost nahi ya sirf paisay kay pichay bhagta ha (Media is nobody’s friend it only runs after money),” says a PPP leader. – Pak Destiny

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