Mehr Bokhari is happy to see end of Sana Bucha’s love affair with Dunya TV

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, April 15 ( Anchor Sana Bucha’s love affair with Dunay TV could not last for more than a few months, thanks to Amer Mahmood’s musical chair policy.
Bucha’s sacking or resignation however has
provided some sort of pleasure to rival anchor Mehr Bokhari. Bucha had taken Mehr on for “receiving” favours from property tycoon Malik Riaz.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Bucha’s sacking is something related to her ego. She was not willing to listen to some suggestions even by Mahmood about her programme. She wanted a complete “freedom”. So she paid the price.
But never mind she will be around. Another channel may be ARY which happens to be a dumping ground of tainted anchors like Mubashir Lucman interested in her. Or it will be fantastic if The DawnNews hires Bucha and makes her colleague of Mehr Bokhari, making them friends again. Ya naki ka kam hoga.
Mehr Bokhari commenting on the comment of another tainted journalist Shafiq Awan who is also accused of receiving bribes from the poor media workers to give them Lahore Press Club membership asks him to prove that she ever had taken favours from Malik Riaz.
Mehr says: “If you have any proof of my contact, relationship, malpractice, any favours received from Malik Riaz, feel free to spread them out here. I have never in my life taken or given any favors. I come from a solid and affluent Syed background and got married into solid upright and affluent people Alhamdulillah.”
“That aside, if you happen to know anyone I have ever worked with, they’ll tell you my high moral and ethical standards. Yes mistakes have been committed, lots of bad luck run into, awful colleagues partnered with- but working on agendas, having a price tag- Never.
Lashing at Bucha, Mehr says: “It doesn’t matter if Sana was fired or if she resigned in the larger scheme of things. One thing I’ve learnt, its better to remain quiet than to speak ill without reason, logic or proof. Media including Sana, misguided viewers, played on their ignorance, just to malign me and prove how things we ‘planted’ – maybe to cut out competition, maybe bcoz we get some thrill as a society to distort reality and bash till we trash- I don’t know. I do know my version was never invited. I never commented when there were allegations of plagiarism on her. But fact remains, we all have a long way to go. The day we start taking responsibility for what we say and do, coupled with evidence, proof and not take pleasure in the misery of others around us, a nation will be reborn. Chalay chalo…kay manzil abhi nahi ayi.”
Let’s see what Sana Bucha says in her defence. – Pak Destiny


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