Amir Liaquat touching knees of ‘media Godfather’ Mrir Shakilur Rehman to get job

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) This fake Dr Aamir Liaquat takes no shame in meeting Mir Shakilur Rehman whom he sent curses for thousand times.

The story doesn’t end here as the fake Dr stoops so low and about touch MSR feet to seek forgiveness for his past deeds.

Take a look at the picture and recall the duo relationship.

Liaquat used to call MSR media mafia and god father but today he is pleading him to rehire him. What a shame and pity.

amir liaquat seek pardon from mir shakil
After Dr Shahid Masood episode the Pakistani electronic media is appearing gutter because I’d such anchors and owners. Let’s see how long people tolerate these fake and fraud bunch of guys. Pak Destiny


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