Another big name – Hasan Nisar– in media turned hostile against PTI govt, saying he is embarrassed to support the incompetent

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By Iram Salim

Yet another big supporter of Imran Khan’s PTI turned against it for its follies no one ever had imagined.

Anchor and columnist Hasan Nisar made a scathing attack on the PTI wala saying how could this party be so naive. How could Imran’s team be so ill prepared. It is banking on stupid task forces.

Nisar said he was supporter of it considering it well prepared for the job… but PTI “disappointed me a lot. I am utterly embarrassed to support PTI”, Nisar said.
One by one all anchors supporting Khan and his party started pouring curse on them.
Only Mubashir Luqman type are still supporting the league of incompetent. God bless this country. Pak Destiny


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