For PTI a person is either hero or villain, a crazy approach

farooq paracha,pti youth

By Raza Ruman

Writer Nadeem Farooq Paracha has identified an insane behaviour of PTI youthia and it’s supporters saying they don’t take more than a day to make hero a villain or vice a versa.

Paracha said in a twwet: “These PTI fans are something. Their somersaults are dizzying. One day a person is a hero, the very next day he becomes a villain. This keeps happening over and over again. This is manic behaviour. They’re nuts! Latest target: Asad Umer.”

But Paracha perhaps forgot to mention that it is none else but PTI chief Imran Khan himself who called this bonga Asad Umar “non-economist” having no experience of economy. Besides Khan called him “unfit” for the job.

PTI fans should come out of their crazy way of supporting every ill of their party and should better talk sense. Otherwise it may not find a single saner supporter because of their extreme attitude. Pak Destiny


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