Another goof up of Zartaj Gul made her a ‘fun figure’ on social media

Another goof up of Zartaj Gull made her a 'fun figure' on social media

By Iram Saleem

Climate change minister and PTI die hard Zartaj Gul is being brutally trolled on social media for her comments about PM Imran Khan.

In a speech she said Imran Khan on his foreign tours especially at the UN put on white shalwar kameez and spoke national in Urdu language. Although none of what she said is true she was subjected humiliation on the social media networking sites.

The Twitter and Facebook users ask her stop telling blatant lies in public speeches. Interestingly she could be so goof not to realise that Khan put on neither white shalwar kameez nor spoke Urdu in UN General Assembly.

Hope this lady who earlier said that more rains in the country were due to Khan would one day realise her goofs up and think many a times before speaking. Pak Destiny


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