Another Rs4bn corruption scandal of PTI government surfaces as PM Khan busy making goof ups in America

ethanol,ahsan iqbal,Another Rs4bn corruption scandal of PTI government surfaces as PM Khan busy making goof ups in America

By Raza Ruman

One corruption scandal follows another in the PTI government but no one seems to be taking note of this.
PMLN Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has requested CJP, Chairman NAB must take notice of Rs4bn corruption by PTI regime in Ethanol Case.

Let’s see if his request gets ears.

Ahsan Iqbal has asked Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chairman NAB to take notice of the Rs 4 billion corruption by the PTI regime in the form of ethanol tax write-off for blue-eyed Sugar Mill owners against court orders.
In a press conference at National press club along with Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb and Shaista Pervez Malik on Tuesday, Ahsan Iqbal said PTI was running a massive corruption ring behind its façade of transparency and accountability.
Ahsan said after the Rs 300 billion GIDC corruption attempt was thwarted by the Opposition and Media’s hoopla, the PTI Punjab government sneaked through a measure to dent the already depleting national revenue by Rs 4 billion by writing off the duty on ethanol.

He explained how the former government of PMLN levied the duty despite exhaustive pressure by the mill owners. The duty was challenged in the High court and the Supreme court and was held up by both courts, he said. He pointed out that the Supreme court had reverted the case back to the Lahore High Court where it is still pending a final decision. The court decided that the Rs 1 billion collected under this head would continue t be deposited with the court till the final decision in this regard is reached, he clarified.

However, against all legal obligations and national revenue interest, the Chief Minister Punjab constituted a four member committee to approve the writing off of this tax, he said. He revealed that when two of the four members refused to sign the document, the Chief Minister rushed the unsigned motion through the Punjab Assembly and got it approved. Not only did he approve awarding of the Rs 4 billion already collected under the ethanol tax, but he also annulled future collection of the revenue, denting the revenue by Rs 1 billion every year, Ahsan told the media.

“The PTI regime is so committed to slashing every relief to the Pakistan’s most deserving section of the society but when it comes to their rich friends, they do not think twice before handing out billions in favors. The mandatory diagnostics tests at the hospitals have been snatched, the medicines from public hospitals have been taken away, the public welfare programs have been cut in the name of ending subsidies as the hard working Pakistanis with humble means suffer. But, at the same time the corrupt regime has no problems giving billions in subsidies to their rich blue-eyed. Pakistan is not being run by Imran Khan Niazi, it is being run by and for friends of Imran Niazi”, Ahsan lambasted.

He condemned the statement by Imran Khan that Pakistan’s Military and Intelligence trained Al-Quaida and said that Khan had become a threat to National Security because of his lack of knowledge and composure. He said that even former US secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a better spokesperson for Pakistan over the issue than the so-called Prime. Hillary said that the US trained Al-Quaeda and left Pakistan and Afghanistan in a mess after the Soviet- Afghan war, which he pointed out, was the officials position of Pakistan over the issue. From his statement in Iran to this interview, Khan is source of utter worry for the country and is a foreign policy disaster, unfit to represent the country at such forums, he said.
Will any one notice about goof ups of Imran Khan which are continued as he declared in US that army trained Al-Qeada. Pak Destiny


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