Time for Tareen to rest in jail for few months

Time for jahangir khan Tareen to rest in jail for few months

By Irum Saleem

  • Imran orders decree against Tareen
  • Old friend turns foe
  • Tareen’s family women spoke against Pinki

Time is up for once a most powerful man in Imran Khan’s PTI. Orders have been issued from the top — Imran Khan — to send sugar king Jahangir Khan Tareen behind bars in sugar scam.

Jahangir Tareen pleading 22 PTI lawmakers at his Lahore residence to stand behind him

The friendship time is over. Yesterday’s friend is now foe. Many say Tareen is paying the price of his women’s some “objectionable” comments about Bushra Bibi alias Pinki.

Imran who is said to be most arrogant never forgives a man. He never tolerates a man who tries to oppose him.

Tareen is now paying the price of his miscalculation. He returned from London on the assurance of the establishment. But it seems he miscalculated. And it’s time for him to rest in jail for few months. Pak Destiny

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