Arsalan’s second wedding in jeopardy

By Sania Sharif

lslamabad, June 21 ( The second-marriage of Arsalan, son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry, is in jeopardy after his alleged involvement in multi-million corruption scandal.

Arsalan had contracted second marriage in the family of a Lahore having a business of marriage halls several months ago. His first marriage with the daughter of an army general broke primarily issues with him (Arsalan).

A source privy to the development told PakDestiny that since his (Arsalan)corruption case had come to fore his relations with his wife turned strained. “His wife has left him and residing with her parents,” the source said.

Arsalan marriage functions lasted for 10 days in Lahore several months ago where he showed off his financial position.

A participant of the wedding function revealed to PakDestiny that the participants were taken by surprise the lavish spending on the function.

Anchor Nusrat Javed has commented during the last four years every businessman is crying that he is facing losses due to loadshedding and other unfavourable economic circumstances. “What business Arsalan did during the period that he became multi-millionier,” he asked and demanded him to tell the people ‘truth’. Malik Riaz accused Arsalan of receiving millions of rupees from him on the promise that his father (CJ) would decide his property cases in his favour. – (


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