‘You save us we project you,’ Jang group finally manages to silence its critics

Islamabad, Nov 1 (Pak Destiny) “You save us we project you.” Perhaps this five- year-old agreement works in the case of Mubashir Lucman and other critics of Jang group.
The Jang group succeeds in silencing the man who was raising questions related to its ‘dubious’ business.
The Islamabad High Court yesterday refrained ARY anchor Mubashir Lucman, journalist Mahmood Sham and other critics of Jang group from saying a word against this group.
On the hand, the Jang/Geo group is given the license to hold media trials of these persons through its publications, raising serious question on the impartiality of the Pakistani judiciary.
The court heared only Jang group and did not give a chance to Mubashir or others to say anything about the serious nature of allegations they were levelling against the Mir Shakil’s group before it issued the restraining order and adjourned the hearing till Dec 2.
Now the question is, is Lucman ready to give in to the pressure the Jang group exerting on him through its ‘powerful friends’ in one pillar of the state.
Lucman, who considers himself a lone warrior against Shakil’s empire, says he may quit Journalism profession. “Is he afraid of Jang group men or Shakil”?
Let’s see how Express media group reacts after the Jang group accuses Sultan Lakhani’s group of supplying ‘women and wine’ to government officials and influential people to get favour. – Pak Destiny

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