As all development work in Punjab comes to halt PTI government should consider hiring Shahbaz Sharif’s services for road constructions

As all development work in Punjab comes to halt PTI government should consider hiring Shahbaz Sharif's services for road constructions

By Fayyaz Butt

PMLN Government’s main aim to construct the infrastructure of our home land which helped in creating investor friendly environment. It may attract the local investors as well as foreign investors to invest in Pakistan for the betterment of general public.

For achieving its aim, it started small as well mega projects in the different areas of Pakistan.
We could observe construction of roads in small streets to main high ways. Most of our people appreciated their efforts and in real terms we can say that government was the eye opener for previous ones which did not take care of the infrastructure.

Can we have a little attention of PTI Government with reference to its main aim which seems accountability of the previous governments along with other… We do agree and very much pleased that we have such government whose aim is to make accountable to those who were holy cows. With the same token we do believe that the next coming government whether it is of PML (N), PTI, PPP or any other must continue this aspect of justice.

The right deeds must continue by all governments whether those belongs to even their opponents. If we all agree on it then we can ask to existing government to continue the correct steps / projects of the previous Government. PTI avoids to start or even gets the old completed projects repaired which can give fame to PML (N). It seems PTI is not interested in repairing the main roads of Lahore city. Now a days we can observe ditches on different roads of Lahore. Same situation is on the GT Road from Lahore to Gujranwala.

It was not bad of PML (N) government to build roads but to make unlawful money out of it. With the same token it is not bad to stop making unlawful money from any projects / construction of new roads etc., but it is really bad to avoid mending the road which had already been built by the previous government. So, we request the PTI Government to repair the existing roads without thinking any more that to whom credit goes. Moreover, PTI government should also complete the projects which are very near to complete like Orange train.

The government may hire Shahbaz Sharif for a reasonable monthly salary to get this job done. His designation may be The Grand Trunk Road Supervisor. Pak Destiny


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