As mafia in PTI government gets active US Dollar is all time high — Rs166.5

As mafia in PTI government gets active US Dollar is all time high -- Rs166.5

By Raza Ruman 

   As mafia in PTI government gets active again the value of the United States dollar against the rupee rose to Rs166.5 in inter-bank on Thursday, an all time high in Pakiatan’s history. 

   During the few days Pak rupee sheds it’s value by 13 rupees against dollar. What a shame…does our prime minister Imran Khan know this or TV will tell him.

    As the whole nation is struggling to fight coronavirus the mafia in PTI is busy making billions through one means or another with impunity. 

     However Dawn says the major reason behind the rupee’s fall was the rate cut announced by the central bank. A high interest rate supports the rupee by encouraging hot money inflows into treasury bills. But Covid-19 has forced the SBP to slash the interest rate from 13.25pc to 11pc over two monetary policy meetings within just seven days. Bankers said the fall in interest rate weakened foreigners’ urge to invest in treasury bills while a further cut in the key rate is possible due an economic slowdown in the country.

    The SBP’s decision to facilitate import of medical equipment and medicines and other imports increased the demand of dollars in the interbank market.

   But despite these reasons the mafia in PTI government doesnt let any misfortune go to cash in. Pak Destiny 


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