Failure to deal with Covid-19 and locust attack: Reshuffle in Punjab top bureaucracy imminent

Failure to deal with Covid-19 and locust attack: Reshuffle in Punjab top bureaucracy imminent

By Nazim Malik

Currently Pakistan is troubled by many unfortunate challenges from Corona to Tiddi Dall and government is wading through these miserable times with unprecedented economic constraints.

Province of Punjab is also not an exception rather Punjab government has remained least responsive in the wake of social ,political and economic hazards.Despite the best administrative set up, Punjab is failing to cope with the economic,social and political emergencies.

Once Punjab used to be an example for other provinces in terms of dealing with upheavals whether it was economic,political or natural disaster.

Mr Yousuf Naseem Khokhar former Chief Secretary Punjab was upholding the above character of Punjab to deal with the disasters by maintaining and administrative balance with political elite and bureaucracy.Whether it was spread of Dengue in Rawalpindi or uprising of some political forces, he successfully dealt with the challenges. He was also successful in bringing back the confidence of bureaucracy and started a tenure track policy in the postings of Deputy Commissioners and Secretaries of the Department.His selection of officers for important administrative assignments was transparent and with consultation of all stakeholders.

Followings are a few of his accomplishments:

I. The dream of Executive allowance for administrative officers came true first time in the history of the bureaucracy of Punjab.

II. It is pertinent to mention here that 10 promotion boards in a year were held which was unprecedented. Moreover, 1000 pending service matters & appeals were disposed off in a year & resultantly sufferings of the Govt servants mitigated by this way.

III. He being CS conducted 22 cabinet meetings in a year which speaks volumes about his acumen to provide relief to masses.

IV. He very successfully got inaugurated Nishtar Hospital 2 in Multan & added 600 beds in Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore.

V. Due to his strict control 33.5 lack tonnes wheat was procured in Punjab despite bad crop.

VI. Under his supervision four more hospitals were established in backward districts like Mianwali, Layyah, Muzaffargarh etc. in compliance to the vision of the incumbent govt to bring revolution in the health sector.

VII. International cricket restored in Pakistan due to his strenuous efforts.

VIII. It is very important to mention here in the wake of corona virus that overall Punjab in general & Lahore in particular has been disturbed due to this pandemic but during his tenure as CS he controlled the spread of dengue fever very successfully. Not a single death was reported in district Lahore having population of more than 122 million.

He was though very hard for the interests of some forces which succeeded in his deposition and Punjab went into an administrative and political chaos.

This is a recalling of gone days and this happened to many such offices .
Will government ever think that what went wrong when a smooth running province became tumultuous. Pak Destiny

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