Covid-19: we are residing in a haunted world

Covid-19: we are residing in a haunted world

By Sarvat Hossein

The world has become a haunted place due to the sudden appearance of the persisting and deadly pandemic, named covid-19. For surely, coronavirus swept the globe triggering this pandemic that has altered the way we all live.

The confused state of the government’s management strategy was quite visible in Pakistan and the main discussions centred around which type of lockdown was suitable for the country; either a partial one or a complete lockdown.

However, in spite of the confusing signals from the Prime Minister and his cabinet over the implementation of the type of lockdown, the majority of people decided that the seclusion and isolation had become unbearable and, in some places, it appeared that the majority of people were either in denial of the presence of the virus, felt ‘lucky’ enough not to be affected by it, or had decided that going about their normal daily business with a few nominal precautions was the best approach to dealing with the host of evils confronting them.

The risk that they have been taking is that this novel Coronavirus is a lethal lurking predator. It has had most of the world on its knees in a matter of weeks, making us wonder sometimes and try to understand and search for clues and signs as to what may come next.

Avalanches, floods, hurricane, typhoons, cyclones, tsunamis, other plagues and locusts are all natural events on the menu, and these have all been drafted in and narrated in divine books. Mankind is currently brainstorming and trying to find various explanations for the origins of Covid-19 but opinions remain divided, with a great deal of finger-pointing in the mix. The emergence of Covid-19 has seen the proliferation of all sorts of predictions and theories regarding the birth of the coronavirus.

This pandemic is slowly but surely transforming the world as most new it before, and indeed, it is also exerting a huge impact on the way we work and think. The ‘virtual world’ has taken over the real world and become the main avenue and medium for our professional and personal activities.

More people are working from home than ever before, and many employers are busily assessing the need for employees ‘on site’, with a view to adjusting their working operations to suit this ‘new world’.

Many have already realised that a physical presence at the workplace may no longer be required. Interestingly, a much more potent impact will be felt when it is realised that visas and borders may become completely irrelevant to what a person does for a living, if their physical presence is not required.

These all are presumptions at the present time, as we cannot predict or plan our future with any more certainty, as lockdowns are eased slowly and unsteadily across the globe. This deadly Covid-19 does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour or religion, and the privileged and underprivileged are both being affected in equal measure. The world has had a terrible fright and remains terrified as nobody knows what tomorrow may bring to us.
However, the optimists appear to currently outnumber the pessimist, and some feel that this grand shake-up gives some people a new chance and hope to mend their broken lives, find new ways of doing things….

Essentially, this episode is providing everyone with an opportunity to think afresh and pay attention to their relationships, work practices, lifestyle choices or a myriad of other things which require the making of a choice; an interesting starting point for many is the realization that they need ‘another’s company’, or they might be in the wrong relationship. Figures of domestic abuse during this pandemic readily attest to that.

As they all have to stay home under one roof and get to know each other again. That can be consider for some at least as a plus point. In this dark time, one might wonders that even in this serious episode of covid-19, our nation will also be ATLEAST a little shaken up and try to follow SOPs. Seems like either it’s government on the issue of complete lock down, smart lock down or partial lock or on other side its public by not showing any respect towards seriousness consequences by not following the rules and regulation. Frustration and confusion floating everywhere.

Sarvat Hussein


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