As Malik Riaz shuts AAP News hundreds of journalists rendered jobless…has this property tycoon turns ‘poor’

As Malik Riaz shuts AAP News hundreds of journalists rendered jobless...has this property tycoon turns 'poor'

By Raza Ruman

    As  property tycoon Malik Riaz has decided to close AAP News TV l over “unavoidable legal and technical reasons” one wonders has this billionaire gone “poor”.

    This decision of Riaz will render hundreds of journalists jobless.
    Why he bought this channel from Akeel Karreem Dadi, another tycoon of stock market, if he had to sell it.

    Anchor Aftab Iqbal who earlier had boasted that this was his TV channel was another failure to run this channel. Iqbal is doing programme at Neo TV these days.

    Malik Riaz was also failure in running a newspaper “Daily Jinnah”. A number of journalists of that publication have been rendered jobless. reported that Malik Riaz will use his licensing rights to launch a new channel where employees of AAP News would be hired on a “priority basis”.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan who often talks about “media mafia” should ensure that bloody billionaires should not be given TV licenses to use it to protect their black economy. Pak Destiny


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