Shahzad Akbar mocks establishment — PTI’s relations with military getting sour?

Shahzad Akbar mocks establishment -- PTI's relations with military getting sour

By Raza Ruman

After the PMLN, the ruling PTI has also started mocking the establishment. In a presser in Lahore on Saturday Adviser to PM on accountability Shahzad Akbar told a questionnaire to better ask about the deal under which PMLN father Nawaz Sharif is sent to London from the “Agriculture Department”, an open reference to the military establishment.

This open talk about mocking the establishment in a press conference shows all isn’t well between the establishment and the PTI government. PTI can’t speak the language of PMLN unless something going wrong with its relations with the establishment.

Shahzad Akbar has started saying things bigger than his stature. Mocking openly the establishment means the PTI walas have started considering them inevitable for it. But it seems they don’t know about Pakistan’s history. The way they are brought to power can be sent packing the same way. Pak Destiny

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