Ataul Haq Qasmi wants more favours from his master (Sharif), say his fellow columnists

Islamabad, Oct 14 News Desk ( Columnist Khalid Ahmed has launched a verbal attack on fellow columnist Ataul Haq Qasmi terming him a pithu (henchman) of Nawaz Sharif who is taking several favours from his ‘master’ sing long.
Ahmed has tried to expose Qasmi for consuming his energy to tell his master that he is his most loyal subject pleading him never forget his services for him.
Qasmi was a teacher in MAO College when he started writing columns in full praise of Sharif terming him “amirul momineen”.
Sharif on his second tenure rewarded his chamcha (loyal subject) Qasmi with prize posting of Sweden and Norway ambassadorship. His corruption there could not be investigated.
Similarly, Qasmi is writing columns for his son Yasir Pirzada in Jang which appear in his name thus securing handsome salary for him.
Qasim is also director general Arts Council and still looking for more from Sharif. – (

Khalid Ahmed’s Column published in Nawai Waqt


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