PTV’s blackout of ‘offshore’ NA session — Qasmi stoops too low to please Sharifs

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By Kiran Bokhari

(Pak Destiny) PTV Chairman Attaul Haq Qasmi on Wednesday proved to be a big ‘salve’ of the PML-N government by blocking the transmission of the National Assembly session where PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Opposition Leader Khurrsheed Shah brought the government to knees on the issue of offshore companies of the children of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Qasmi even did not respect his age and stooped too low to please his masters. Will any anchor dare to question Qasmi as how could he use PTV to blackout the NA session? “Does he want to prove himself all time best feet lickers of the Sharifs?”
Will someone like Imran Khan or Khursheed Shah dare to name Qasmi for his black role in the saga before media? Will the PTV continue to be run y the touts of the respective governments? One wishes one day the PTV is run by professionals not touts like Qasmi or Muhammad Malik. — Pak Destiny


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