Ayesha Ahad says Shahbaz’s son-in-law Imran was behind her torture episode

By Iran Salim

Islamabad, Oct 20 (www.pakdestiny.com) While Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif smartly rescue his daughter Rabia and even gain politically by presenting his son-in-law Ali Imran in the bakery boy torture case to police that was not even ready to quiz him, Hamza Shahbaz’s third wife Aysha Ahad identifies Ali Imran ‘a man behind her torture’.

Ayesha told Pak Destiny “Ali Imran last year with the help of Hamza got me arrested in a fake kidnapping case. I was given a 10-day physical remand during which Imran ensured that I was subjected to severe torture. Exactly after one year the real culprits behind this – Ali Imran – is exposed.”

“Ali Imran has been arrested for being involved in a similar kidnapping case and has been given a 12-day remand as well. The only difference is my and his case. I was innocent while Imran is guilty but the whole Punjab government machinery is bent upon saving him and Rabia. But still I am not given justice,” Ayesha said.
Interestingly, the PML-N media cell giving ads to local papers portraying Shahbaz Sharif a man of principles like Hazrat Umar. Shahbaz is taking full credit of ensuring supremacy of the law but the fact is he smartly has fooled the masses in his daughter and son-in-law case.(www.pakdestiny.com)


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