Where is the “champion of suo motu” in the face of Sharif familiy’s Rabia and Imran’s high-headedness?

Islamabad, Oct 16 News Desk (www.pakdestiny.com) Where is the man, who wasted no time in taking suo motu after two bottles of liquor are recovered from actress and a friend of Gen Musharraf Attiqa Odhu or two slaps on the face of a lady polling agent by PPP’s Waheeda Shah, but when it comes to the thrashing of a poor bakery boy at the hands of Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif’s daughter – Rabia – and son-in-law – Imran Yousuf’s – guards and the Elite Police officials, he (that man) prefers to keep the mum, smart guy, isn’t he?

Had it a case related to PPP’s personality that man would have jumped into it and made it a case of ‘protecting the rights of a common man’, and his media friends would have started projecting him the ‘hero of the masses’.

Sharif smartly blocked the coverage of the shameful episode on different TV channels and newspapers by using the advertising muscle.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government has threatened to the owner of the bakery in Defence whose employee was thrashed by the guards of Rabia and Imran not to open it till the matter is resolved ‘amicably.’

It’s a big shame for ‘that man’ and the media as a whole not to rise against the atrocity committed by the Sharifs. -(www.pkadestiny)


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