After bail BOL’s Shoaib Sheikh all set to buy new TV channel to take on his arch rivals

By Raza Ruman

( After getting bail in fake degree scandal,  Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, CEO of Axact and BOL media group, is likely to buy some other TV channel to teach lesson to some of its arch rivals like Geo media group.

Sheikh and 13 others got bail this week from the Sindh High Court, 15 months after their detention in the fake degree case.

Sheikh and several of his senior managers were languishing in jail since May 2015 after a New York Times story claimed Axact, the parent organization of BOL News, was involved in selling fake degrees worldwide.

“Sheikh is now thinking to buy another channel and invest heavily in it since BOL may not be allowed to go on air by the information ministry,” a source close to Sheikh told Pak Ddestiny. A good number of journalists telephoned Sheikh and offered their support after his release.

“Some top journalists who are all-time ready to sell themselves against good bucks may again join the new ship of the Sheikh,” the source said, adding Sheikh has only one idea in his mind as how to launch a new TV channel to take on his opponents. – Pak Destiny




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