Bombshell on trump in the US election

Bombshell on trump in the US election

By Sarvat Hossein

Keep an eye on the overflowing US election campaign, punctuated by ‘bombshell moments’! One might wonder and ask; is this the biggest or most dramatic one yet?

The New York Times recently claimed that they have gained access to Donald Trump’s historical tax returns. The newspaper reported that Trump had allegedly contributed just $750 in Federal income tax, whilst his many companies are immersed in losses. The American President reacted to the news by calling it ‘fake news’…

Analysts observed that Mr Trump has struggled hard to keep his tax affairs private since entering office. But the New York Times claimed and made the revelation that they got hold of Mr Trump’s tax returns for the past two decades. This news has cast doubt over his claims of being a massively successful businessperson.

Mr Trump obviously criticised the report about the tax returns information and he alleges that he has paid a lot, although in the same breath, he refused to get into specific figures. This report could be a serious blow to Trump’s re-election chances.

The US public at large has seemingly differing views on this news bombshell. One could also add that the chickens will come home to roost, when the massive debts which he has personally guaranteed become due next year. It would seem that he currently has no means of paying those and therefore, he will be foreclosed on some of them. The ghastly lefties with bad TDS seem to have woken up. Possibly salivating at nothing, as usual…

Some people are of the opinion and have since commented that the New York Times has been after Trump since he was elected. It might be another one of the anonymous sources/ leaks featuring Trump that seem to appear with amazing regularity.

Will this scoop be any different, or will it just turn out to be more of the same? Maybe it’s better to be patient and wait little bit longer before jumping to any conclusions.

However, if it ends up with fraud charges or tax evasion or both, it will be Trumps own private teapot Watergate! Let us think of his investors for a moment, for they will be biting their fingernails, wondering if they will ever get their money back…

As they must be aware, Co-Vid19 has apparently knocked 25% off the value of urban commercial properties, looks like it’s going to be a rocky road ahead…. — PAK DESTINY

Sarvat Hossein– A British-Pakistani Freelance Journalist

Sarvat Hussein

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