“Buzdar never watched TV since he became CM” — Wasim Akram-plus told this to NAB

"Buzdar never watched TV since he became CM" -- Wasim Akram-plus told this to NAB

By Raza Ruman

Punjab Chief Minister and Imran Khan’s Wasim Akram-plus Usman Buzdar has disclosed that he doesn’t watch TV.

“Since I have become chief minister (two years ago) I haven’t watched TV,” Buzdar told this to NAB during his appearance in award of illegal liquor license to a hotel near Lahore airport.

According to sources, Buzdar remained tight lipped on most of the queries but when he was asked his statement on TV was running that he was ready to before NAB 10 times, he said: “I haven’t watched TV since I become chief minister.”

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NAB has asked him to give details of his properties and his relatives as there are reports that he made property in the names of his relatives.
Poor Buzdar finding it hard to survive. PAK DESTINY

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