Buzdar tries to make his name through ‘corruption slogan’ too

Buzdar tries to make his name through 'corruption  slogan' too

By Raza Ruman

Poor Punjab’s handpicked chief minister Usman Buzdar held a presser on his government’s campaign against corrupt elements in Punjab.

Isn’t it interesting. The man who is surrounded by the corrupt in the cabinet is looking outside for the corrupt.

More interestingly he himself is wanted by NAB in Liquor Corruption case.
Prime Minister Imran Khan is taken seriously when he talks about steps against corrupt elements but when it comes to Buzdar one can only offer a laugh.

‏پنجاب میں کرپٹ افراد کے احتساب کے لیے 27 ماہ سے جاری اینٹی کرپشن اسٹیبلشمنٹ کی مہم پر وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب ‎@UsmanAKBuzdar اور وزیراعظم کے مشیر برائے احتساب ‎@ShazadAkbar کی مشترکہ پریس کانفرنس:‌
▪︎پنجاب اینٹی کرپشن کی سوا 2 سال میں 206 ارب روپے کی ری

What Buzdar needs to do is hire some good teacher that teaches him how to face the media. Every body knows who is running the affairs of Punjab. At least by learning how to speak this poor chap can improve it’s image before media. PAK DESTINY

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