BZU — a victim of bad administration — Chancellor urged to take notice of the varsity matters

BZU -- a victim of bad administration -- Chancellor urged to take notice of the varsity matters

By Raza Ruman

     Bahauddin Zakaria University (BZU) is one of the largest universities located in South Punjab, Multan, which is sadly facing bad and shady administration these days under the kingship of Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi—the incumbent Vice Chancellor.

    “Kundi’s good office, recently has failed to provide a report to the Supreme Court in compliance of the orders of the apex Court.

Among many illegal activities and scams, one is the case of 39 fraudulently registered fake law colleges and bogus enrollment of LLB students,” says former PPP Punjab Assembly parliamentarian Qazi Ahmad Saeed.

   He says the honorable Justice Ijazul Hassan and his bench have taken strict action against the Vice Chancellor for not providing records of the students and affiliated 32 Law Colleges.

    Instead of submitting compliance to the orders, attention the Vice Chancellor was to conduct a selection board on 15th and 16th October 2022, which indicates his vested interests and intentions to favor his blue-eyed candidates. “Surprisingly, the agenda for the said selection board was kept secret, which was absolutely unlawful.

With reference to another interesting case, an application for the post of Assistant Professor of Sociology for the Department of Sociology was submitted by Dr. Wasim Aslam who has worked as an Assistant Professor in the said Department for five years. He has been victimized several times by the chairman of the said Department.”

  Mr Ahmad says Dr. Kamran Ishfaq who wants to bring his friend and PhD classmate (Dr. M. Safdar) against the said post. Dr. Kamran and Dr. Safdar are close friends and had completed their PhD from the University of Peshawar under the same supervisor. Dr. Kamran has targeted Dr. Wasim several times seeking unwavering support from the Vice Chancellor BZU. “They wrongly tried to declare Dr. Wasim ineligible due to irrelevant degree for the said post. According to their logic, Dr Wasim has relevance to Human Development and Economics, instead of Sociology, which is unjustified. To protect his right, Dr. Wasim filed a protest and requested the Vice Chancellor to constitute an appellate committee in order to decide upon the matter. Shockingly, Prof. Dr Johar Ali was invited as subject expert in the Appellate Committee who had supervised the both candidate Dr. Shabir and Dr. Safdar who had applied for the same post on which Dr. Wasim was also a candidate. It clearly shows the conflict of interest.”

After having found these links, Dr. Wasim filed a representation in the Chancellor’s Office / Governor Punjab against the decision of the Scrutiny and Appellate Committee. The Chancellor’s Office/Governor Punjab directed the Vice Chancellor’s Office to submit the report within 7 days. Instead of providing the report to the Chancellor’s Office, the Vice Chancellor had notified a selection board on the abovementioned dates. The interview call letters were sent to the candidates in hassle. I would like to bring into your kind notice that Dr. Wasim’s representation regarding the eligibility for the same post was pending for a decision in the Chancellor’s Office / Governor Punjab. In such circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor was determined to conduct a selection board which was categorically illegal to hold as such Selection Board when the case was pending for a decision in the Chancellor’s Office/Governor Punjab.

  Qazi Saeed Ahmad has urged the authorities concerned that in pendency for decision by the office of the Chancellor/Governor Punjab, the selection board should not interview the candidates so that Dr. Wasim also get a fair chance for a decision about his eligibility to compete for the same post. “At last, on the intervention of the concerned authorities, the agenda for the post of Assistant Professor of Sociology was removed from the selection board,” the PPP leader says. PAK DESTINY

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