The 66th batch of UET turned philanthropist

The 66th batch of UET turned philanthropist

By Raza Ruman

With Pakistan’s growing population the need for educating more and more of our children and youth assumes significance.

     In backdrop of growing poverty, difficult economic conditions it becomes responsibility of privately managed   Education Foundations to facilitate and support the education of specially the deprived and under privileged  sections of society.

With above in view, the 1966 batch of veteran engineers of University of Engineering and Technology embarked on noble vision to provide Sscolarships to poor children including orphans  from different parts of country in various fields of education including medicine, technical skill development etc.

   The 66th Scholarship Foundation has over last many years supported and funded hundreds of students in different educational institutions in country through specially charted roadmap of selection and nomination.

   In its annual donors meeting held at Defence Community Hall in Lahore, few of beneficiaries from underdeveloped areas like ex FATA spoke on how this foundation changed their lives to become responsible citizens of country.

On this occasion an MOU was also concluded between 66 th Scholarship Foundation and Noorani Foundation(

headed by veteran  bureaucrat Tasnim Noorani) to further advance cause of primary to higher education for deserving students.

    A large number of guests donated   generously for noble cause to express their commitment for an educated Pakistan specially the poor and needy.

The 66Scholarship Foundation organized a function to honour their Donors, and to introduce the aims and working of the organisation and its future plans.

  The 66Scholarship Foundation was founded by the class of 1966 of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. It is a non-profit organization where all donations are tax free under FBR section 2(36)(c). The organisation provides Scholarship and assistance to needy students to graduate level.

  The function was hosted by the Chairman Sohail Bashir, Chief Executive Officer Naveed Afraz and the Directors. 

 The Chairman and CEO reviewed the performance of the Foundation in the past year and expressed their intent to serve deserving students across Pakistan in the coming years. It was also announced that the Foundation was joining hands with Noorani Foundation to create additional synergies in their operations.

Some of the recipients of the scholarship also gave brief presentations on how the 66Scholarship Foundation has impacted their lives. The Foundation also provides mentoring and advice for students facing financial challenges and will continue for Students who need it most in form of tuition, stipend or both, to help them graduate.

The already enrolled students are selected on merit and need basis through rigorous selection process so that the Funds / finances are used optimally.

On behalf of the organization, the Chairman thanked the participants and Donors for their continued support in improving the lives of deserving student for the upcoming year.

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