It’s corrupt leader who breeds corrupt nation?

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By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) There is an old myth – leaders represent their nation, if nation is corrupt its leaders are corrupt too – Does this apply to Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and Imran Khan?

Going by history it is witnessed that there were leaders who had ‘bad and corrupt’ nation but they were opposite and changed their nations.
A leader is one who gives lines to the nation not follow the lines of the nation. In the history of Pakistan, this myth is fabricated by dishonest leaders. The real case in in study is that a leader should be the best person of the nation. He should be an honest one or at least a disciplined one.

Here I have some questions which required answers in absolute terms not in relative.
· Do we need an honest leader or a disciplined leader?

· Do we be an honest nation or a disciplined nation?

· Do we want to become an honest or disciplined?

· Does everyone is honest by birth?

· Can a man learn honesty or discipline?

· Should we make our nation honest or disciplined?

· Does honesty taint with the passage time under the influence of surroundings?

· What is the difference between honesty and discipline?

Honesty means – telling the truth and not cheating people. Discipline is a combination of rules and law of the land that we imbibe from our family, teachers, schools our working places and finally from the overall environment.
Will the available lot of leaders in Pakistan ever change this nation or we should wait for the birth of an honest… this is a big question. – Pak Destiny


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