Moonis Elahi exposes Maryam Nawaz’s ‘mathematical genius’ on popularity calculation

  • Imran Khan the most popular leader of Pakistan
  • Parvez Elahi the third most popular leader
  • Poor Maryam comes on 7th
Moonis Elahi exposes Maryam Nawaz's 'mathematical genius' on popularity calculation

By Irum Saleem

    There can be nothing perfect satire on Maryam Nawaz than what Moonis Elahi made showing her own mental faculties.

     “Gallup @GallupPak survey is out. According to calculation method used by @MaryamNSharif PTI is at 60+38+37+9= 144%.,'” Mr Moonis laughed off on X (formerly Twitter).

      Maryam used to calculate the popularity of her, her father Nawaz Sharif and her uncle Shehbaz Sharif in that manner…isn’t she a genius with zero intelligence?

    Paying with the same coin, Moonis Elahi reminded her own such calculation and added the popularity graph of Imran Khan, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Asad Umar.

     According to the Gallup survey, Khan’s popularity graph is touching 60 per cent, Parvez Elahi 38pc and Qureshi 37pc.

    Nawaz has popularity graph of 36pc, Shehbaz 35pc and Maryam has 30pc.

     Maryam must be worried about her and her father’s dwindling popularity. She must be thinking to bring out a “paid survey” in which she is shown in better light.

    Moonis Elahi’s taunt is enough to understand the ‘genius’ of Maryam. The re-arrest of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi 13 times could only add to his popularity as he comes second to the popularity graph of Mr Khan.

   He is facing extreme pressure and hardship but not ready to leave Imran Khan. PAK DESTINY

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