Reham feels frustrated over her ‘ban in politics’

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad ( From bachi (child) to kuri (girl) – what Reham Khan thinks of herself.
In her two interviews one to Capital TV and other to Geo TV Reham she called herself “bachi and kuri”, respectively.
She is not ready to believe that she is now a middle-aged woman of 43 years old.
Perhaps Imran Khan has realised that she is still a ‘bachi’ in mind and she must be shut out of the PTI politics as she was causing a lot of problems for him on political front.
After a ban to attend any PTI function and issue a political statement by Imran Khan, Reham is feeling so frustrated. She has already quit her talk show on Dawn TV and now she has no other option but to make films. Her first film is likely to be released next year.
Let’s see how long ambitious Reham hides her political ambitions? Pakdestiny

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