Covid is back but Pakistanis giving it a damn

Covid is back but Pakistanis giving it a damn

By Zain Khan

Although Pakistan is hit with second Covid-19 wave with 1000 cases, still it far behind from the rest of the world and the government needs not panic.

PTI government is planning to close schools for over a month. But interesting aspect is there is no fear in public. Pakistan witness the second wave of corona virus.

Pakistan records highest number of cases over 1,000 for the first time since July. It is consider as second wave of corona virus griping Pakistan with 20 deaths in the past 24hrs.

Pakistan reports over 1000 cases for the first time since country witness decline in number of cases of Covid-19.

Second wave of corona virus starts with 1,078 newly reported cases with tally of total of positives cases stands at 332,186 and 20 deaths in last 24hrs hits death toll of 6,795.

According to portal, out of 1,078, 889 people luckily recovered from virus in last 24hrs. By this, total number of recovered patients reaches to 313,527.
Due to the threat of second wave, National Command and Operation Control made mask mandatory in public.

Moreover, it is observed that spread of virus increase in 80% in 11 big cities.
Minister of Planing and Chairperson of NCOC Asad Umer urges people to follow the SOP’s to control the spread of virus, newly reported cases of virus reaches the highest level of past 70 days.

In his tweet he states: “After more than 70 days the national covid positivity ratio was higher than 3% yesterday. Ncoc has tightened restrictions on some high risk public activities. However, the rising spread of the disease can only be controlled if people believe in the need for precautions”.

Planing Minster sounds alarming about second wave of corona virus. With 11,864 active cases Pakistan is struggling hard to control the spread of deadly virus.

Mr Umer in his interview says spread of virus depends on lifestyle of people. He further added,”We are not careful like we aren’t in the past few weeks, then we have India and Iran as examples of the havoc the virus can create”.

Furthermore, by following SOP’s lockdown is imposed many areas in Islamabad. Punjab imposed 491 smart lockdown across the province.
Moreover, planing minister added,”The NCOC is keeping a close eye on the daily situation, If necessary, we are prepared to take strict actions.”
The only way to control the spread of virus is following government SOP’s to get rid of corona virus. — PAK DESTINY

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