CSS 2020 result shows where our education system is heading —actually nowhere

By Zain Khan

Only 376 students passed the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination 2020 with just over 2 percent pass percentage, showing an extreme decline in education in Pakistan.

Out of 39,630 candidates, 376 passed the written. Furthermore, there is a chain of tests that includes psychological analysis, interviews and others.
After this filtering process around 150 may get allocated the posts.

It shows our education system is producing only 2% of competitive students. How come these 2% percent of students from the same system doing very well and become civil servants.

It’s a big question mark on the entire education system that why 98% of students are failing.

Our institutions are not preparing them for competitive exams. They seem more interested in making bucks than providing a better education system.
Old style of teaching and no love for books is a story of our today education culture.

This is not the first time, every year same days we highlight the failure of our outdated education system.
Our education system in which private universities are making money but produce nothing. This Is why our students and their qualifications are worthless.

Likewise, very few students are getting scholarships and make their way to study abroad. This is such an alarming condition for our education system that the government needs to impose an education emergency.
Although Pakistan’s literacy rate is 59% but the standard of measuring literacy is nothing but a joke.

Unfortunately, our education system is becoming the best business for investment. Business-persons are dealing with education and academics are their employees.

If the government could provide quality education then no student would go to private institutes. Government must take this issue seriously because it is also the reason for increasing unemployment.
There is no connection between education institutions and work industries as well. — PAK DESTINY

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