Curtains falling on Herald, a 50-year-old publication of Dawn media group

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By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Dawn media group’s monthly magazine – Herald – a 50 year-old publican, is shutting down next month, primarily because of financial crunch which the whole media is facing today.

January 2019 edition will be the last one of Herald. The group however has yet to announce it officially. The news caused panic among the journalist community which is wondering as how the most popular magazine is shut down since it belongs to one of the strong media groups.

PPP Senator Sherry Rehman tweeted: “Hope this is not true. @HeraldPakistan is shutting down? Can’t just be about the business model?It used to make money when I was Editor.I remember refusing advertisements quite regularly,particularly govt ads because it would upset the news-to-ads ratio we maintained.#goodolddays.”

Express Tribune editor Fahd Hussain tweeted: “Depressing. Herald represents all that is right about journalism.”

Azhar Abbas said: “Unfortunately What is “right about journalism” is not ‘acceptable’ these days.”

Naimat Khan, joint secretary of Karachi Press Club, said: “Curtain is falling on the most respected English language magazine of Pakistan. Employees of monthly Herald have been told that issue of January 2019 will be the last issue of 50 years’ old magazine.”

Alia Chugtai tweeted: “From Badar Alam we are hearing these reports/rumours like all others. There is no official notification about it — not at least so far. So, I will not be able to deny or confirm these reports/rumours before I have an official word from the management.”

Another journalist said: “Downfall of Pakistani journalism and credibility going on. Private media investors destroyed the whole industry. People are losing their interest in news channel and papers.” – Pak Destiny


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