Dawn Leaks: Mystery shrouds Cyril’s good bye to Dawn and media

Dawn Leaks: Mystery shrouds Cyril's good bye to Dawn and media

By Nazim Malik

Dawn Leaks one character Cyril Almeida has resigned from Dawn.

Why…there is no explanation to it. Has he been asked to step down on the order of establishment or there is some other reason. Almeida wrote only this about his resignation on his Twitter feed.

“Some more work news, belatedly: I have resigned from Dawn and ended the Sunday column. Am deeply grateful for the readership and affection over the years. There is no plan to return to writing in the foreseeable future, a break from the media appears to be on the cards.”

There has been some underlying message in his tweet. Some read as fear and others think his organisation dispensed with him under pressure finally.

There are some other indications the media industry provide such as he was not happy to grab Islamabad Resident Editor slot which plucked by Fahd Husain and in protest he resigned.

Any ways see what story is unfolded at the end of the end. Pak Destiny


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