Disgraced Asad Umar is mocked and trolled for accepting a small position in govt

asad umar, khawaja asif and finance ministery of pakistan

By Raza Ruman

The disgraced Asad Umar who was booted out of the finance ministry is showing no grace to accept the parliamentary secretary finance in National Assembly thus presenting himself to be mocked further.

PMLN leader Khwaja Asif tweeted: “‏پارٹی کا خیال ھےکہ خزانہ کمیٹی کے سربراہ کی حثیت سے معیشت انکی عقل و دانش سے محفوظ رھے گی۔
اگر بندے کو خود کھجل ھو نے کا شوق نہ ھو یا کھرک نہ ھو رھی ھو تو وزیر خزانہ جتنا بھی گیا گزرا ھو اس کو یہ پوزیشن قبول نہیں کرنی چاہیئے۔کوئی گریس ھو تی ھے”

Asif mocks Umar to show some grace and don’t accept this small post. But how come this power hungry lot refuses to even small packages.

Asad Umar has shown that he is not only a highly incompetent person but also a small man. Pak Destiny

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