Overly-rated Asad Umar badly exposed, still refusing to resign despite snub by PM Khan

asam umar,ishaq dar,dollar to rupee comparison

By Kiran Bokhari

One is wondering as why this overly rated finance minister Asad Umar not resigning yet.

He received a lot of thrashing after record devaluation of rupee and plunging of stock but this incompetent PTI jiala refuses to resign.

In the face of his poor handling of Finance people have now started believing that ‘munshi’ of Sharifs Ishaq Dar was finance wizard who kept the rupee-dollar parity at maximum 1:100 and 108 for four years.

This poor Umar offers a silly logic that Dar had kept dollar low against rupee artifically… oh really.
Then the overaly Umar should also adopt this artifical way. Can’t he?
This theatre of absurd should soon come to an end if any one cares about the masses. Pak Destiny

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