Distressed Reham Khan finds no offer from Pak channels — seeks refuge in film making

reham khan, pakistan news channels
 By Iram Salim
  • Reham Khan disappeared from Pak Media
  •  No private TV channel interested in her
  •  Reham fails to further cash in Imran Khan name
  •  Keen to become film maker

     (Pak Destiny) After getting fired from Neo News Reham Khan has chosen to stay away from Pakistani media and concentrate on her film making career.

      Neo News of Abdur Rehman had fired Reham as her programme could not get any rating because her credential of being PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s former wife had no more attraction for the people any more.
      Rehman earned a lot of criticism from his employees whose salaries were compromised because he used to pay around Rs5 million to Reham.
      No other TV channel has so far shown interest in her thus she has chosen to switch over the career and resumed film making which she abandoned last year.  She is also interested in performing a lead role in a movie she is planning to produce as well in coming months.
     Reham’s co-production “Jaanan” is still under production. Although she has made a lot of money but reports suggest she still needs more money to pump in the project.  Pak Destiny



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