Has Reham Khan joined Jammat-i-Islami?

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By Kiran Bokhari

(Pakdestiny.com) Has Reham Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan, has decided to join Jamaat-i-Islami?

After joining the TV channel – Neo News – which is owned by a Jammat-i-Islami guy Abdur Rehman, Reham Khan participated the anti-corruption sit-in of Jammat-i-Islami in Lahore on last Sunday.  Many translated this that she is going to join the JI.

Going by her political ambitions it is very much likely that Reham sooner or later join a political party … and more likely JI because of her temperament. Her ambitions to high-jack PTI earlier met failure. Now she can become a top leader in the JI if she seriously considers joining the Sirajul Haq-led party. Can she? — Pak Destiny



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