Whole Neo TV Lahore staff getting less than Reham Khan’s salary

By Iram Bokhari

(Pakdestiny.com) The Neo TV management is paying anchor Reham Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan, more than what the whole staff of the channel in Lahore is getting — what an irony.
Some journalists working in the Neo TV told Pakdestiny.com that Reham has got the package of about Rs5million while the whole staff’s salary bill is not crossing Rs5 million. “The management is exploiting the journalists and other staff by giving them meager salary package but it is offering a generous package to Reham Khan. No other media in Pakistan offered her that much high package…why, it seems the Neo got some financial help from some other quarters to pay her off” said a senior journalist.
Another journalist said the Neo is giving a huge salary package to Reham apparently to get rating for the channel and advertisements. Let’s see if Reham manages to earn for the management through advertisement in her programme. Pakdestiny.com


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