Pakistan’s top celebrities including former army chief Kiyani’s brother want ‘notorious’ Dr Nauman Niaz booted out of PTV for insulting both Cricketer Shoiab and Pakistan

Pakistan's top celebrities including former army chief Kiyani's brother want 'notorious' Dr Nauman Niaz booted out of PTV for insulting both Cricketer Shoiab and Pakistan

By Raza Ruman

‘Notorious’ anchor of PTV sports Dr Nauman Niaz showed his true ‘auqat’ and insulted Pakistan Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and Pakistan in a live show.

Surprisingly despite a passage of over a day neither Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of it not Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry booted Niaz out of the PTV or the sport programme. And this low level human was holding the show even today…what a shame.

The legendary former fast bowler quit the PTV show after being “insulted” by shameless Niaz.
The insulting thing for Pakistan was in this show was that Akhtar was humiliated before former foreign players and in a way it was a humiliation of Pakistan.

The two were part of a panel for PTV Sports programme “Game On Hai” along with guests such as West Indies batting legend Sir Vivian Richards, former England captain David Gower, former Pakistan women’s captain Sana Mir and former fast bowler Umar Gul. The panel was discussing the Pakistan-New Zealand T20 World Cup match which Pakistan won by five wickets.

During a discussion on the Pakistan squad, Akhtar credited the Pakistan Super League’s Lahore Qalandars franchise for discovering Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf.

Notorious Niaz took issue with Akhtar’s comments and said: “You are being a little rude so I don’t want to say this but if you’re being over smart then you can go. I am saying this on air.”

Once the show resumed after a break, Akhtar apologised to the guests on the panel and announced his resignation from PTV, saying that he could not continue with the programme because of “how I was treated on national television”.

The incident brought heap of condemnation on Dr Niaz demanding the government to immediately booted out this “Ill mannered, Ill couth and third rate man” from PTV. There were top trends on Twitter supporting this sand.
Former army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani’s brother Amjad Kiyani tweeted: “The arrogant dr must be kicked out og PTV. Pemra shoukd ban him and PCB should declare him persona non grata. We at our level must boycott the channel and programme on which he appears as anchor or expert. I expect IK to move strongly in support of a legend.”
“How can an absolute nobody speak to Shoaib Akhtar like that on national tv?? Simply unacceptable & utterly obnoxious. This is what happens when upstarts are elevated. #ShoaibAkhtar is a legend,” PM Khan’s former wife Reham Khan said in a tweet.

“The way #DrNaumanNiaz insulted our superstar #ShoaibAkhtar on air was pathetic. Such a shame!You are unprofessional and arrogant and you need to be sent home. JaHiL Insan Aik Legend ky Sath misbehave.”

Another tweeter said: “When everyone is praising Pak & acknowledging it’s tremendous performance in WC why would u do it?
Respect your heroes
#IStandWithShoaib100mph NaumanNiaz ShoaibAkhtar نعماننیازمعافی_مانگو بائیکاٹپیٹی_وی

Twitter user Iqbal Qadri said: “NaumanNiaz Done the least I can do to this idiot over smart anchor who thinks he can get away by disrespecting cricket legends. Sorry to you @iRashidLatif68 Bhai you should have taken stand for your player.”

Actress Mishi Khan said: “I was shocked to see how this so called educated anchor #NaumanNiaz spoke to @shoaib100mph in the #PtvSports show which was shameful. #ptv should send this guy for a refresher course how to talk to guests in a show. Totally butameez chap. Shame on him. Pathetic behaviour.”

Everyone in the country is hoping the premier through information minister Chaudhry throw this notorious character Niaz out of PTV. PAK DESTINY

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