PTV did another goof-up also ‘indirectly’ fired Sir Richard and legend Gower for its love for snob Dr Nauman

PTV did another goof-up also 'indirectly' fired Sir Richard and legend Gower for its love for snob Dr Nauman

BY Irum Saleem

After ‘notorious’ Dr Nauman Niaz‘s humiliating episode, the PTV was brutally trolled for yet another goof up.
Instead of booting out the snob Nauman, the son of a retired Lt.Gen, it behaved like a meek sheep and and also suspended Test cricketer Shoaib Akhtar who has already resigned from it.

Has PTV gone bonkers? What more shame it will bring to Pakistan.

‘Obnoxious’ Nauman reportedly stopped the PTV management to engage someone else to do the “Game On Hai” at his place. This means PTV humiliated foreign players like were celebrities like Sir Vivian Richards of the West Indies and David Gower of England as both got off air.

The PTV has in way put off air all foreign and Pakistani former cricketers from the show. What a shame.
Sour es said the committee probing this matter has already shown it’s bias for Nauman, an arrogant snob.
This management of Pakistan Television has smatly “barred former Test cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and host Dr Nauman Niaz from all its programmes until the submission of a final inquiry report” into an episode earlier this week during which the speedster quit a live show after complaining that the anchor had insulted him.

So the PTV might have acted as goofy but in fact hugely favoured safarshi Nauman. The more this man sticks to PTV, more insult will be heaped on Pakistan.

A four-member inquiry committee listened to Dr Niaz, who heads the PTV’s sports division, for several hours on Wednesday and decided to call Shoaib Akhtar to hear his version. But the pace bowling legend, according to sources, refused to appear before the committee, insisting that it could make a decision after just watching the Tuesday night show’s footage.

Akhtar rejected the PTV management’s decision. “Well thats hilarious. I resigned in front of 220 million Pakistani & billions across the world. Is PTV crazy or what? Who are they to off air me?” he said.

The committee comprises Aamir Manzoor, Pakistan Television’s Managing Director; Tahir Mushtaq, the chief of its human resources division; Arif Mehmood, Director of News; and Akbar Malik, Director of Programmes. PAK DESTINY

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