Dr Tauqeer Shah to “play up facts” to save Shahbaz, bureaucracy happy to rid of de facto CM

Sarmad Ali

Lahore, June 26 (Pak Destiny) The blue-eyed bureaucrat of the Sharif Brothers, Dr Tauqeer Shah, will smartly play up the facts of Model Town killing before the Judicial Commission in order to save his immediate boss, Shahbaz Sharif.
Highly placed sources told Pak Destiny that Tauqeer Shah had ordered “straight fire” on unarmed men and women during the raid on the headquarters of Dr Tahirul Qadri on June 17 in Model Town reportedly at the behest of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif that left 14 people including two women dead.
“After showing reluctance first to appear before the commission Shah has finally agreed to play up the facts to save his boss completely and somehow himself,” the sources said.
“Tauqeer Shah will tell the commission that it was not the CM’s order. Secondly he will it disclose that his words of “teaching a lesson to Qadri’s supporters” had been misinterpreted by police force,” they said. He might be penalised for a ban in getting a lucrative post in the government in future.
That will be the only likely slap he may face.
So it will be a happy ending for Shahbaz Sharif and Shah will be rewarded later on.
Interestingly Punjab bureaucracy is happy to rid of a rude de facto CM – Tauqeer – who used to insult even senior bureaucrats. – Pak Destiny

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