Bahwalpur tragedy – Civil Defence and PML-N government’s priorities

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By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) Do we really have any active ‘civilian support’ to deal with the oil tanker inferno situation? The answer is…yes – the civil defence which is largely ineffective during the PML-N government, thanks to Nawaz Sharif‘s priorities of motorways, roads and roads.

The Civil Defence Act, 1952 as amended in 1996 includes remedial measures against natural and man-made disasters.

Bahawalpur tragedy (in which 200 people perished) has exposed ‘hunger’ of the poor for petrol… a few litre that eventually took them to their final destination. People’s love for booty (mall-e-ghaneemat) also played a role in this tragedy. Booty collection is human, what it is generally said.

Such  events provide opportunities to our rulers to validate their generosity in the name of compensation which was duly revealed by utilizing resources of public as it was mall-e-ghaneemat too.

The trustee of the above mentioned Act is Director General of Civil Defense. It is working under the supervision of interior ministry. Its punch line is join civil defence as volunteer to serve humanity. –

This site is a worth especially one of its page named as Training Schedule for School. But regret to inform you that it is respond as, Not Found. We have no objection to compensate the affectees but we would like to emphasis that our leaders must pay some attention to the existing system and accept a change in their priorities system. In this case, may we think about allocation of proper budget to the civil defence, which may respond immediately with civilian support?

After allocating enough resources to Civil Defence, we should monitor its functions for the effective and efficient compliance of its objectives. The fifth aim of this department is  to maintain in the people a high standard of morale and a strong “will to win” (Character Building). Education and awareness is also responsibility of the state. In this way we can build the character of our nation. Honestly speaking, it is the true need of our nation. – Pak Destiny


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