Qadri wants Gen Kiyani ‘guarantor’ to agreement with PPP government

Islamabad, Jan 14 ( Dr Tahirul Qadri is likely to seek the guarantee of Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani for acceptance of his charter of demand by the government.
“Qadri sahib is only interested in making Gen Kiyani a guarantor of his agreement with the PPP government and none else,” a source close to Qadri told Pak Destiny today.
He said President Zardari had sent property giant Malik Riaz to Qadri to become guarantor on his behalf but Qadri refused to accept him.
“Now not less than a man of Gen Kiyani’s stature that Mr Qadri is interested to be a guarantor of his possible agreement with the Zardari government over installation of caretaker set up forthwith,” the source said.
Qadri has already made a demand to dissolve the assemblies and announce interim set up. Let’s see how long he stays in Islamabad along with his devotees to pressure the government accept his ‘CoD’. –


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