End of Imran’s love story with Reham is near?

By Iram Salim
(Pakdestiny) Why Imran Khan is regretting his decision to marry Reham Khan, Arif Nazami did not explain in his article but reports from Bani Gala pouring in suggest – ‘over ambitiousness’ of Reham is hurting Imran more than anything else.

Reham wants to rise and rise even at the cost of Imran. Imran does not like this. He does not like the why Reham portraying herself in media as she is the ‘genius and Khan is goof’.

In her recent interview with SAMAA TV Reham implies that Imran is a kid as some black sheep in the PTI is misguiding him. What she wanted to do she was trying to tell him about the black sheep in PTI. Besides Reham just walks over Imran which is not acceptable to the stature of Khan. So let count the days when Imran calls it the day.

NAZAMI: Arif Nazami says Imran-Reham marriage is likely to be over soon.

Making the revelation in his talkshow, DNA on Channel 24, Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami said that per his information, Reham is staying at Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence even though she is not welcome there any longer.

According to Nizami, Imran Khan has recently returned from London where he stayed with his ex-wife Jemina Khan and children. The relationship with Reham, already on the rocks, has worsened since Khan returned to Pakistan. Differences between the couple may have reached point of no return, Nizami added.

Imran Khan’s relationship with Reham Khan soured as the latter wanted to take an active part in politics. Khan earlier supported the decision as Reham took centre stage in PTI’s by-election campaign in Haripur and attracted huge crowds. However, Khan later stated on social media that Reham would no longer participate in politics, nor would she hold any party office.

“I am appalled & disgusted by attacks on Reham after our loss in NA 19 elec. She only went to campaign there on insistence of the candidate,” Khan said on Twitter. He went on to say that PTI was against the politics of nepotism, “Reham Khan will hold no party position, no position in KP; nor will be given any official protocol. Reham Khan will not contest elections on a PTI ticket,” Khan said.

Pakistan Today broke the story of Imran Khan’s marriage last year even as the fiery politician kept denying the reports.

Reham Khan’s previous marriage ended after 15 years as the couple divorced in 2005. Her former husband Ijaz Rehman had said in an interview that Reham was an ambitious woman who had “used” him.

Rehman said that he was made to leave the house with just one suitcase. Reham, who later made broadcast journalism her career, accused her former husband of never having financed the couple’s children. Rehman, on the other hand said that Reham had slandered his good name.

Reham Khan could not be reached for comment. Her Twitter account was also suspended last week, says Nazami. Pakdestiny


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