Geo holding media trial of Misbah to save Sethi

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Nov 14 (Pak Destiny) Geo News is trying hard to blame Misbah-ul-Haq to save the skin of acting PCB chairman Najam Sethi.
Be it Hamid Mir or other sports programs of the Geo Haq is being targeted by design so that no body raises finger at Sethi as he has been appointed by PM Nawaz Sharif to improve the cricketing matters but he is further messing them up.
Sources say Sethi’s interference in the selection matters has literally ruined the already battered cricket of Pakistan. Sethi’s direction to include discarded old legs – Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Razak – cost the team dearly in the T20 against South Africa the other day. Even he wants Afridi to play despite poor form.
As Sethi is doing a program on Geo, the media group is extending full support to him despite his no knowldge of the game and every one knows that he is rewarded by the Sharifs for his services in May 11 elections.
Had there been someone else, Geo will have been crying day and night for the change of the man who has no knowledge of cricket. Shame on this kind of journalism. Misbah has scored exceptionally well through out the year but it is shamelessly holding his media trial just to save the skin of its anchor – Sethi. – Pak Destiny


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